Thursday, January 3

I’m counting the hours until the weekend. 

Another day of people trying to pawn their work off on others.  Hopefully will get it all under control by early next week.

Bill went to the oncologist today and got some good news and some bad news.  He has to go for a colonoscopy because his CT scan showed polyps.  But everything else looks good and as of February, he will reach the 5 year milestone in remission!  The doctor asked if he would like to have his port removed.  I know that got Bill really excited, as he has hated that thing since the day they put it in. 

Perspective is everything.   Good health trumps frustration at work.

Tried a new recipe for dinner tonight, and it was a keeper.  Chicken always gets “Chicken again?” from Bill, so I try to make it a little interesting.  Not easy, since there are only so many ways to prepare something.  I mean, chicken is chicken no matter what I do to it!

Progress on goals:

  1. I was dressed before lunch time again.
  2. The new recipe was as creative as I got today.

That was it!  The weather was rainy and miserable and spending time outside was out of the question.  It’s a good thing I live in Florida where the sun shines so much, because I absolutely abhor rainy days.

Overall it was an awesome day!  Time to kick back and get some rest.



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