Wednesday, January 2

First day back to work in the New Year. Ugh. It’s always so hard to get back into the grind. The older I get, the more I dream of retirement. Don’t get me wrong I’m very happy to be employed, especially in this economy. I need to work, I would just rather not have to. LOL. Me and three-quarters of the population, I guess.

I did wade through the email backlog and get through the day. I even managed to be quite productive.

As for my 2013 enrichment goals:

1. I was dressed well before lunch time.
2. I went out on the dock for a break at lunchtime.
3. I took Angel out for a long walk after work.
4. I complimented Bill on his sale today.

The goal was to say something nice every day, so this doesn’t count, but it does bear mentioning. I received a request for some documentation this morning. I promptly sent the documentation to the requestor. Hours later, I received another request from the same individual asking me to put together a list of the documents I had provided with a short explanation of each. Now considering each of these documents were totally self-explanatory and if the requestor had even bothered to open them up and look at them they would have been able to complete their little list in seconds; I was immediately annoyed at their stupidity and laziness. However, I did not succumb to my first inclination to be sarcastic. I listed each document and provided a definition of each. As I said, I know the goal is to say something nice each day, but I think not telling it like it is to a lazy fool counts towards the goal!

At this point in the day dinner has been cooked and cleaned up after. Nothing very imaginative tonight. Pork Schnitzel with baked potatoes and creamed corn.

Now it’s time to put up my feet and relax.